A little about me..  I’m 24 years old, 4’11 short, and living in sunny, Florida.  I enjoy reading horror, drinking coffee, and practicing yoga.. but I crave handling hung cocks, being filled with creampies, and watching men stroke their cocks for me.  Life is all about balance, right? 😉  Well, I’m a pretty well rounded pervert.  Lately, I’ve been dabbling in sewing and cosplay..  I quickly learned I could pervert that as well.. and create Eros Cosplay, my latest interest.  If you enjoy animation, cartoons, or manga you’ll love some of my new upcoming work and projects!



I’m not just an adorable, sassy slut though!  I have a reserved, sweet and compassionate side 😛  I’m vegetarian and have the cutest little munchkins, Leela and Koko.  We especially love to spend our time together hiking, traveling, and drinking outdoors!