Receive a raw, uncut tailor-made video.. revealing myself exclusively to you..  My orgasms are completely transparent, you’ll love the way my soft pale skin flushes with pink.. My pussy swelling moments before my orgasms take me..




After your order, when I’m feeling horny and restless.. I will have you in mind, waiting for me.  I’ll go back to your photo or name (whichever you feel comfortable to send) and cum for you. My favorite toy at hand.. Moaning your name uncontrollably.. Dirty talking and biting my lip as I pound my pussy thinking of your swollen cock..

It takes about 6-10 minutes for me to orgasm, so it’ll be around that time length. It’ll be delivered about 1-5 days after purchase 🙂  When you are ready for your video, please make your payment and contact me however is easiest for you.  Google Wallet, Circle Pay, and Amazon are also accepted as forms of payment.  The contact box below is for you convenience!  I will reply back to you let you know I’ve received your order and when you will receive the finished product!

**this is not a custom video, but there are customizations included!**


Free Customizations:

  • Micro Bikini or Lingerie
  • Color of Bikini or Lingerie
  • Vibrator or Dildo
  • Dirty Talking

Add a Special Customization: email me before purchase for these!

  • Bad Dragon Dildo Creampie
  • Panties