Panties For Sale

This is the ONLY place you can buy my worn panties!  Click to buy any pair OR email me directly to arrange a purchase through Google Pay, Amazon Giftcard, or Circle Pay.  All panties will be sealed and shipped with a tracking number.

Panty Customizations:

  • Clean panties: FREE
  • Sweaty post workout panties: FREE
  • My creamy cum all over: FREE
  • My creamy cum all over panties AND an exclusive masturbation video wearing them: +$25
  • A hand written letter filled with literary erotica: $5


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Pink Satin Panties: $25.   Soft to the touch.. these would feel amazing wrapped around your cock!

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Cotton Panties: $20   I’ve worn these too many times to count! Yet they still fit so snug..

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